Noland Farms

8/28/13- Around the farm…

Summer heat has finially arrived!  The daily highs for the week have consistently remained in the 90’s, and we are in need of a rain.  The majority of our crop has been fortunate to recieve small, yet timely rains over the last 6 weeks… however, the crops in northern Macon county have not been blessed with […]

8/10/13: Farm Updates

As we continue to march towards harvest, farm activities have remained in full swing.  A portion of our dry fertilizer has been hauled and unloaded in our storage, and we have also kept mowing roadsides and bin/shed sites.  Harvest equipment has been pulled into the shop, and we are readying grain bins for use.  Current projects […]

7/22/13- Farm Visits & Crop Conditions

We’ve had a great couple weeks around the farm.  The groups of Brazilians and Camp Connections kids had successful visits to the farm, and the crops have received some timely rainfall during polination.  The last of the soybeans have been sprayed with herbicide, and Blake has kept the weeds down in his edamame plot… using […]

7/7/13- Summer Transition

    The last few weeks have truly been action-packed around the farm!  We have finished sidedressing and spraying corn, and the early planted soybeans have been sprayed too.  We are currently waiting for the remainder of the soybeans to grow larger before the post-application is done.  Roadsides have been mowed, and the majority of […]

6/17/13 – News from around the farm

Corn and soybean planting was completed roughly a week ago, and recent weather has produced substantial rainfall and heat… ideal growing conditions.  Due to the the abundance of rain and soil meeting its water holding capacity threshold, we were forced to replant corn and soybeans in many areas.  The replanted acres have emerged, but those plants […]

5/27/13 – Spring Update

Since our last update, much has happened around our farm.  Corn planting stands at 90% completion, soybeans at 25% and the rain keeps coming!  Rainfall was the limiting factor and thief that stole corn yield in 2012… safe to say that 2013 has not experienced the same challenges.  As the conditions appear to move from […]

5/6/13: Spring showers and more…

Weather has continued to prove challenging for spring field operations.  Although we are thrilled to erase the past year’s moisture deficit, the rainfall received over the past month has left soil conditions at the saturation point and hampered the planting progress accross much of the country’s key corn regions.  Tile outlets are discharging water, road ditches […]

4/24/13: From the Archives…

Occasionally, one will find interesting/amusing articles from years past that were filed away… I’ve included a few magazine articles written in the mid-80’s about Dennis and Duane. Dennis Noland Magazine Features Duane Noland & President Reagan  

4/16/13: Dianne Noland featured in H&R article

Dianne Noland (Duane & Dennis’s sister) was recent featured in a Hearld and Review Newspaper article.  She truly has a green thumb and an enthusiam for nature’s rebirth at this time of year! Dianne Noland knows her way around a garden  

4/15/13: Spring Activities

  The snow was shortlived, and warmer temperatures brought spring showers.  Since the beginning of April, we have received roughly 2.5-4.5″ spread geographically over 3 rain events.  Prior to the rainfall, we had the opportunity to begin field operations… currently 25% done spraying preplant and 10% done working ground ahead of corn planting.  We are pleased to have […]