10.13.11- Harvest Complete!

  Corn harvest for Noland Farms concluded yesterday, October 12th!  Although we still have 5 acres of replant soybeans yet to cut, I’m proclaiming that we are done!  Current activities… working ground that will be planted back into corn, ordering fitting and valves to “plumb” the liquid fertilizer containment and hauling lime.  We will begin repairing tile holes and waterways next week.  I’ve attached a recent picture of the containment… the tanks still haven’t arrived, but we’ve been busy!  We hope to have to tanks here within a week.

  I also wanted to include a picture of the recently-painted Macon County 4-H weigh wagon.  Duane is on the board for the 4-H Foundation, and he spent a few days last week pulling the wagon throughout the countryside.  Farmers have the opportunity to dump grain into the wagon, and the local elevator handles the paperwork.  The repsonse from local farmers was great, and although the wagon is traveling throughout northern Macon County now, the money raised thus far has been beyond expectations!

Cindy Ervin & Debbie Berry with the 4-H wagon outside the elevator.