10.20.12- Newsletter Release and Farm Update

Our latest newsletter has now been uploaded to the site.  Please find the link within our “Newsletters” page on the site.


Throughout the year, our activities transition with the seasons.  With the crop all harvested, the planning for 2013 is in full swing.  For corn fields that will be planted back to corn in ’13, fall tillage is underway.  We are hauling the last of the lime, and anticipate hauling 28% liquid fertilizer into our storage in the next week.  Equipment is being washed for winter storage.  We hope to begin spraying a “fall burndown” next week… this is a herbicide package that will minimize the winter annuals’ (weeds) growth into the spring.  We also hope to begin applying fall anhydrous in the next couple weeks.  Although the majority of our nitrogen program focuses on spring application (sidedressing), we would like to continue our side-by-side trials next year.  A little fall anhydrous also alleviates some of the spring pressure!