11.10.10- Spraying

Before the weather turned into a winter wonderland, we applied a “fall burndown” on farms that are in a corn-soybean no-till rotation.  By applying product with our sprayer, we

Broken tile line

 anticipate a significant reduction in the winter annual plant population.  With the warming of temperatures in the spring season, plant growth with be kick-started into active mode, and this greenery will inhibit the planting of corn and soybeans.  On a no-till farm, the spring crop will planted into the residue of the previous year.  In any planting situation… grass… vegetables… flowers… corn and soybeans… the least amount of competition present equates to the highest potential success rate of the primary crop becoming established.  While the spraying operation moved from field to field, we focused on fixing tile holes.  The past few years of abundant rainfall have contributed to many of the old, clay tile lines collaspsing.  As a result, the dirt above the line’s break is sucked into the system, and a hole is the end product.  Using plastic tile, the breaks are repaired and holes filled with dirt.  The picture provided is of a 24 inch clay tile line that has collaspsed.  The old, broken tile was removed, and a new 10 foot long section was coupled to the existing line.