10.30.10 – Land Improvement Projects

Berm StructureThe great weather has allowed for us to continue progress on land improvement projects.  We removed an overgrown treeline, reshaped the grade with a lazer and constructed thisUprooted Trees berm and block structure.  The water was moving with such force that much of the area around the treeline had been eroded.  By removing the trees and channeling the water through this structure, we anticipate the speed of the water to be significantly decreased.  The discharged water will now flow into a waterway and exit the farm.  After the completion of this project, we moved to another farm to reshape a waterway damaged by the abundant rainfall over the past few years.  Using the lazer to determine grade, we moved soil to create a new, farmable waterway that outlets into a drainage ditch.  We created an earth berm to divert water through two new culverts into the ditch bank to improve drainage off the farm.  In addition to those culverts, we replaced another outlet culvert in the adjacent farm.