11.30.10 – Shifting focus

Since my last update, the weather has produced rain and colder weather.  Fortunately, all primary field activities were completed prior to the rain events.  Although we had hoped to reconstruct another waterway and clear brush from a few property lines, these activities have been suspended until more suitable field conditions arise.  The majority of equipment has now been washed and tucked into a shed, but a few are still in need of a good bath.  The terrific fall weather allowed land improvement projects to become a focus, and cleaning up equipment was diverted to the back burner.  Current farm activities include purchasing seed and chemical inputs, analyzing avenues for upward integration into the input supply chain, preparing for the delivery of grain to market and establishing means to improve the self-sufficiency of each operational unit.  We plan to begin hauling grain to market next week, and will begin preparing equipment for spring field activities soon.  Improving the self-sufficiency of our sprayer’s nurse system is a priority this winter.  Current plans are to add an additional 1,000 gallon liquid tank to the current system.  This capacity would allow for the sprayer to fill 3 times before the nurse truck must re-fill.