12.15.12 – Around the farm…


Craig and John installing the tarp brackets on the dry fertilizer hopper.

The past few weeks have been full of action.  We have washed and put away the majority of the equipment, hauled all our lime and liquid fertilizer…now our focus has shifted to “the odd jobs.”  We have been trimming brush and trees along field edges, a tarp for the dry fertilizer hopper was installed and we poured concrete for our new flag poles.  All activities that are considered “extras” that often get neglected in the busy season.  In the coming weeks, we anticipate moving equipment through the shop for a winter waxing, then we will shift focus to preparing equipment for spring field operations following Christmas.





Dennis and John installing the tarp cover in the rain… somewhat ironic.










Duane trying out the new roll tarp on the hopper.









Grant loading a pallet of sakrete for the flag pole project.









Dennis climbing into the combine after topping off the tank for winter storage.