12.21.11 – Corn and 28% hauling


Trucks in line waiting to unload.

Since my update earlier this month, we have continued hauling corn to ADM’s processing plant in Decatur.  The lack of truck traffic has allowed us to move corn at a “record pace,” and we are entering 2012 well ahead of schedule.  Last year, we experienced 3 hour waiting periods to unload a truck, and currently the “wait time” is around an hour.  With the ability to dump 60-70 semi’s per hour, the processing plant can receive a lot of corn in one day.  I’ve include a picture of semi’s parked waiting to be unloaded.  I’m still amazed that the weather has been unseasonably warm, and we have yet to experience the snow and ice that usually accompanies winter!

Blake backing semi under the loadout at Cribbet's grain system.


  All of the 28% liquid fertilizer has been delivered, and we are excited to have product in our tanks.  As the first truck was unloading solution, Dennis convinced the driver to pose for a picture beside his truck… odds are he thought we were crazy, but he played along!  Most of the 28% will be broadcast pre-plant this spring, but around 1/4 will be applied

Hoses running from each tank... then to the pump.

post-plant in a sidedress application.  I’m unsure when our new 24-row liquid applicator will arrive, but our fertilizer dealer said that they are unable to place any new orders for 2012… sold out until ’13.  Glad we ordered ours during the fall!   I’ve included a few pictures of the pump and hoses running between the tanks.    



Unloading 28%.