12.27.12 – Recent farm activities…


Hudson sleeping through his first family Christmas party

Happy Holidays to all!  We hope you have had the opportunity to spend time with family and friends through Christmas.  The holiday season always reminds us of blessings of family… this year we were fortunate to welcomce a new addition to the Noland family for the holiday season.  The past few have weeks have continued to be full of “odd job activities” around the farm.  The weather has allowed us to continue trimming limbs and clearing brush along field borders.  With our equipment, we have the ability to perform small-scale projects…. larger ones, such as the tree clearing at Warrensburg, are contracted out.

Last week, we began removing a section of white pines at Duane’s house… a project primarily aimed at improving visibility and safety for drivers entering and exiting the farmstead.  Roughly 25 evergreens were removed, and we hauled all the useable wood to a family friend for heating his home.  After all the tree stumps have been ground and the fresh dirt has settled over the winter, we plan to landscape and seed the area with grass.  This week also marked the arrival of our flag poles.  The pole at Duane’s will be integrated into the spring landscaping.

Current shop activities include installing guidance equipment in the combine and beginning the winter inspection of the planter.

Have a safe and Happy New Year!

Newly seeded grass emerging alongside the liquid fertilizer containment.










John and Grant trimming brush at the Harristown farm.









White Pine project at Duane’s









John operating a chainsaw









Trailers loaded with firewood









John trimming low-hanging limbs over the road.












Duane and John mixing concrete for the flagpole base… a little chilly outside!










Professional pour!









Crane setting the flag pole in place