2.4.11 – Winter Wonderland

  As I’m writing this entry, I hope that all are with power and heat today.  This winter weather has definitely re-enforced my appreciation for electricity and vacations in warm climates!  Although we are fortunate to have power at our home, my parents lost power for three days… the back-up generator purchased this summer has paid huge dividends!  An update from Dennis and Dani has informed us that Brazil is hot in the summer, with temperatures in the mid-90’s.  Brazilian harvest is in full-swing currently, and I hope to post pictures from their trip soon.  The weather has temporarily suspended grain hauling to Decatur, but we anticipate the trucks rolling again Monday.  Decatur has offered free delayed pricing (DP) on corn, which has allowed us to begin emptying our bins without selling the corn.  Delayed Pricing will allow us to eliminate the risk of our corn potentially going out of condition as we store into the summer months.  Short term, this will allow grain to continue moving to ADM’s processing plant.

  I’ve posted a recent article about President Ronald Reagan in the Herald & Review newspaper.  Towards the end of the article, Duane reflects on his 1980’s meeting in Decatur with the President.

Herald and Review Article – Reagan Visits Decatur