3.13.12 – Seed and Tank Deliveries

Blake delivering seed… boxes are rolled to the back of the semi-trailer and picked up with our forklift.

We took delivery of two tanks and the second installment of seed today.  Our new starter liquid fertilizer and diesel fuel tanks were delivered this morning… although the projects have been organized separately over the past few months, both tank manufacturing companies delivered within an hour of each other!  Great timing!  The site preparation and concrete pad for the diesel fuel tank should be complete by the end of the week, and we anticipate a crane arriving to set each tank in a couple weeks.  Blake also delivered our Dekalb seed today, and we hope to have the balance of the corn delivered in the coming week.  Other current farm activities include hauling rock for the new fuel site and preparing equipment.  Beautiful weather!








Seed is arriving!









Duane covering roof vent hole on new starter tank









Starter tank arriving and being maneuvered next to the containment










Raising tank off the trailer









Diesel fuel tank arriving from Mt. Vernon









A crane will move this 10,000 gallon diesel fuel tank once the concrete pad has been poured.