3.23.11 – Equipment Preparation

Dennis examining a planter row unit.

The past week and a half has produced great weather and steady progress in preparing our equipment for Spring field activities.  Dennis completed work on the planter’s starter fertilizer system  and finished the “planter checklist” last week.  We have added visual flow indicators for each row unit as a confirmation method while planting in the field.  Craig preparing sprayer.Craig and I mounted the nurse system for the starter fertilizer (consists of a 1,600 gal tank, pump and hose), installed control monitors in tractors for planting and spraying, mounted the saddlebag liquid tanks on the planting tractor and cleaned/examined the spray tips for pre and post-plant spraying.  Duane, Craig and I also prepared our anhydrous applicator for spring sidedressing.  Dennis welding the mounting bracket for the additional liquid tank.The nurse system for the sprayer will have increased capacity for the 2011 crop year… we’re adding a 1,400 gal tank.  Unfortunately, the tank arrived with a hole in the side!  Dennis and Craig fabricated the mounting system, and we hope to have a new tank by next week. 

Boxes containing corn to be planted.

All our corn seed has now been delivered.  The black boxes contain roughly 50 bags of seed and are moved by our forklift.  We anticipate hauling corn next week.