5.1.12 – Update

Positioning dispensing fuel tankThe 2012 growing season has progressed much smoother than the past few years.  Unseasonably warm weather provided excellent opportunities to plant corn in a historically early timeframe.  I am excited to share that we completed planting corn on April 24th, and soybean planting is now 20% complete.  Rains over the weekend suspended field activities, but provided around 2” of rainfall, which was greatly needed.   I anticipate planting will resume towards the end of the week.  We are currently preparing our liquid fertilizer and anhydrous sidedress bars for action… the liquid bar is new this year, and we are excited to have another option for nitrogen application.   The 24-row bar will be capable of variable rate fertilizer application.  I’ve included a few photos of the new starter liquid fertilizer and bulk fuel tanks.  Crane setting bulk fuel tank








Dennis releasing the cables attached to the starter tank