5.14.15 – Field Activities

Sidedressing corn with anhydrous ammonia

What a great past week of weather!  We are excited to have all soybeans planted as of May 11th!  Currently we are sidedressing corn and preparing to spray the growing corn crop.  I’ve included a few pictures of our sidedressing operation in action… this year we are using a 60 foot wide applicator for 28% liquid fertilizer and a 40 foot wide apanhydrous ammonia.  The fertilizer test plot was finished on Saturday, and we look forward to tracking the progress.  The 30 acre plot is divided into 3 sections… fall anhydrous ammonia application, spring applied 28% and spring applied anhydrous.




Working in corn planted April 10th









Applying 28% with the 24-row applicator









This corn was planted on April 3rd