5.18.10 – Rain

Wet weather over the past week… a little over 4″ since the 10th of May.  Although I believe truth exists in the saying “rain makes grain,” I know too much rain can have quite a negative impact.  The rain has allowed for equipment maintenance, office work and progress on the grain bin project.  As my previous post provided pictures of our sidedressing operation in progress, I’ve provided an image capturing the current state.  The forecast this week doesn’t look to favorable for drying out field conditions, but we hope to resume applying NH3 in the near future.   

   We would like to congratulate my brother, Blake, on graduating from Southern Illinois University with a degree in Ag-Systems Technology, and a minor Agri-Business.  Armed with these degrees and certification as a John Deere Technician, he will be joining a local farmer’s operation post-graduation.