7.13.12 – Farm Activities

Dennis and Craig spreading new rock

Reshaping the grain bin drainage and adding a rock check for slowing discharge

We still haven’t received rain, and the crops prospects are deteriorating as harvest approaches.

Bringing home the dry fertilizer hopper

The upside in corn no longer
exists, but we are optimistic that rain could maintain what yield is currently present.  The soybean crop is also in a crucial stage of development… rain could definitely allow for an average crop, but the window of opportunity is narrowing.  I’m pleased to report that there has been plenty of action around the farm since our last update… Construction on our dry fertilizer shed has been complete, and we are now building the unloading system.  DAP and Potash will be stored in the shed’s two bays, and we will begin hauling the fertilizer during the last week of July.  We had the opportunity to host a Congressional candidate’s “meet and greet” in the shed with roughly 70 in attendance.  Currently, we are hauling lime to stockpile at field sites.  The lime will be spread in the field following the crop’s harvest.  Current projects in the shop include dismantling the fuel tanker, preparing grain bins for painting and readying equipment for harvest.

Dennis constructing the dry fertilizer unload hopper binRodney Davis “farmer meet and greet” in the fertilizer shed









Stockpiling lime in piles at field sites