7.15.11- Updates

  Much activity has been occuring acound the farm since my last update.  We completed spraying soybeans… rented a high-clearance machine to finish sidedressing corn… began hauling lime to stockpile for fall… hosted a group of 40 Kentucky cattlemen and women at our Central IL grain farm… participated in market campaign video/photo shoots for Dekalb (100th Anniversary) and ADM… began conducting pre-fall plane rides to business partners… mowed roadsides and washed spring equipment… and my brother Blake got engaged!  Busy last couple weeks!

Dennis and our agronomist, Ken Ferrie, inspecting the roots of a corn plant.


Taken July 4th... The saying "knee high by the 4th of July" looks to be proven wrong! This corn was planted April 7th.


Dennis sidedressing with the rental Hagie.
Reloading at night.