7.27.11 – News from the farm

Warm weather has been the trend over the past 2 1/2 weeks.  We have experienced temperatures in the mid-90’s, and the rain has been absent… although we did receive a 1/4″ at the beginning of the week.  Current farm operations include mowing roadsides, preparing equipment for Harvest operations, ordering fertilizer for fall, attempting to haul lime, and providing plane rides to partners and landlords.  As I previously mentioned, to reduce the cost of the limestone spread after harvest, we started hauling our own lime this year.  We have experienced minor hiccups thus far… a tire blowout caused significant damage to the front end of one of our semi’s.  Fortunately, no one was hurt, and the truck will be repaired in a couple weeks.  We anticipate resuming hauling lime on Friday.  We took delivery of our new fuel tank today.  The government (EPA) would like farmers storing fuel on-farm to have measures in place to minimize damage inflicted from a product spill.   We elected to purchase a “double-walled,” three compartment fuel tank that will store gasoline, dyed (off-road) diesel and clear diesel (for semi’s).   In the event of the tank leaking, the double-wall will contain the product within the tank.  This 2,500 gallon tank will provide us additional fuel storage and allow us to operate within EPA guidelines.