7.9.10 – Summer Heat

Summer heat has arrived!  Since my last update, the weather has improved at Noland Farms.  Over the past week and a half, hot weather with occasional thunderstorms has allowed the corn and soybeans to recover from the saturation period recently experienced.  We had the opportunity to fly last week, and our crop condition concerns were unfortunately reaffirmed.  While driving a car on the road, one can see the field’s perimeter damage… the interior damage is evident from above.  Areas that held water for 3-4 days are now flat with dead corn.  Moving outward from the “dead-zones,” the corn is yellow and behind in growth.  As I mentioned, the last week has been wonderful for recovery.

The great weather has allowed us to resume work on the new lane around the bin site.  We hope to begin hauling rock next week, and are anticipating the lane’s completion by next Friday.  The bin company delivered the bin’s floor, floor supports and transfer augurs this past week too.

The weather has also allowed for mowing roadsides.  The picture provided shows Duane engaged in this operation.

Dennis has been scouting corn fields for disease pressure.  Aerial applicators have begun spraying our corn with fungicide to combat a legion that forms on the leaves of the corn plant.  For those who have not had the opportunity to watch the applicators in action, the high speed and low altitude is amazing.  I took this picture looking down from the top of a grain bin.