8.1.10 – Crop Conditions

As I have previously mentioned, the rain and wind events expericened a month ago inflicted damage to the corn and soybean crops in the area.  A few weeks ago, we made our first flight since finishing spraying, and the view from the air was a little dissapointing.  Much of the area has dead, drown-out spots in corn and soybean fields.  The majority of the damage can not be viewed from the road.  The attached photo displays some some of the damage inflicted in early July. 

  On a brighter note, we had the opportunity to provide the Blue Mound Fire Department with an area to conduct training excercises last week.  An Air Evac helicopter flew in from Springfield to assist in the training.  The firefighters staged a car crash in one of our waterways, and worked to free a dummy trapped underneath the car and locate a victim that had been ejected into the soybean field.  I’ve included a picture of Dennis and the helicopter pilots taken that evening.