9.25.12 – Harvest Progress


Neil pulling the corn head

Since our last update, harvest has moved along at a rapid pace.  We are excited to report that all corn has been harvested, and we are 25% complete with soybeans.  Soybean yields have been better than expected.  During the last week of April, we planted 15% of our soybean crop… stopping due to a rain event.  The remainder of the crop was planted during the first few weeks of May.  Soybean yeilds thus far have indicated that the 10-day “rain delay” in crop planting dates resuted in a difference of 10 bushels per acre… May soybeans are posting stronger yields.  All soybeans harvested thus far are contracted acres for Asgrow seedbeans, and we are currently hauling to grain bins for storage.

Other farm activities include chiseling in corn fields, hauling limestone to field stockpiles, mowing roadsides, unloading dry fertilizer from our storage shed and

Erma delivering lunch to Lovington

preparing a crop plan for the 2013 growing season. 








Finishing corn harvest at Morrisonville!









Dennis harvesting corn









Dry fertilizer tender trucks arrive to be loaded… rain headed our way!










Beginning of soybean harvest









Calibrating the yield monitor for acturate soybean yield









Duane calibrating for soybean yield












Grant filling up at new fuel site