9.5.10 – Harvest!

With my computer problems now resolved, I am excited to share updates from our farm.  The past month at Noland Farms seems to have zipped by in the blink of an eye, and we are currently focused on harvesting this year’s crop.  I’ve attached a picture of the raised wet-holding bin that will now be the destination of all corn out of the field at harvest.  The bin will be filled with an augur capable of unloading 12 semi’s per hour.  We anticipate reducing unload-time by 1/3, which should alleviate some of our harvest pressure.  After unloading the truck, the driver will now utilize the new lane to return to the field. 

  Excavating equipment arrived Saturday for the work to be done on the waterway project.  The federal government provides cost-share money for land-improvement projects, and we anticipate completion in by the 10th (weather permitting).  To qualify for funding, the project must be seeded with grass by September 15th

  We began harvesting corn around my parents’ home on September 1st.  Corn moisture this year has been 19-21%, which is substantially lower than last year.  We are currently drying corn to 17%, filling our grain bins and preparing to start the tillage operation.  For our farms going back to corn in 2011, we hope to keep the tillage tractor following closely behind the combine.  Weather permitting; I anticipate tillage will begin Tuesday.