6/20/14: Moving Forward

Great couple weeks on the farm!  We’re down to a day of spraying soybeans, and the majority of roadsides have now been mowed.  The 90 degree temperatures indicate summer has officially arrived!    

5/29/14: Making Progess!

Very productive past week for us on the farm. We were able to finish the last bit of soybeans, complete all our corn sidedressing and replant all ponds where the corn was drown out. Spraying a post-application on corn has just begun.        

5/12/14: Spring Progess!

Spring planting is near completion!  The past few weeks have provided ideal growing conditions for crops… warm weather and rainfall is a wonderful combination.  All our corn can be “rowed” in the field, and the plant stand and color is good.  Saturday night, we recieved 1.25″ of rain in the Macon/Christian County area… the location […]

4/28/14: Around the farm!

Wonderful week on the farm!  We’re please to share that the 2014 corn crop has been planted, and roughly 20% has now shot through the soil to the surface.  Recent rainfall and the upcoming warm weather should assist in the crop’s growth.  Although no soybeans have been planted, a preplant burndown has been applied to 75% of the […]