Investing in Farmland

In a world of uncertainties, farmland is a stable investment that generates guaranteed returns. One year ago, the world witnessed Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities collapse, which created the largest securities fraud in history. Today, lawyers representing investors feel most individuals could recover 10 percent, but that 25 percent is probably an unrealistic goal. With farmland ownership, annual cash rents can be paid in installments, with 50 percent up front. Farmland will not “skip town” with investments intended for your retirement … you can hold the dirt in your hands or drive across your farm with your friends and family. This guaranteed annual return on land through rent, plus the annual appreciation in value of your initial investment – farmland – provides consistent gains while removing the volatility of the stock market. Most farmers strive to increase the size of their farm operation. This competition for growth within farming allows landowners to never have an asset sitting idle, not earning revenue. I’ve learned in today’s world the stock market’s volatility can cause the value of your portfolio to shrink in a day’s time, and someone with all the credentials and answers can betray your trust while leaving you searching for the paper profits reported on monthly statements. Farmland will not disappear in the night, nor will its value.

Our family is excited to provide cash rent, crop-share and custom leases for our landowners.  Should you have interest in purchasing your first or an additional farm, we would love the opportunity to facilitate your search by providing tracts available for purchase.