Post Harvest Progress!


Wrapping up corn harvest in northern Macon County!


We were given the opportunity to use one of Sloan Implement’s folding 12-row corn head towards the end of harvest. The ability of the corn head to fold eliminates the need for removing for transport from field to field.


Andrew speading dry fertilizer on a field that will be corn in 2017.


Super Heros to the rescue! Hudson and Elizabeth showcased their crime-fighting, Halloween costumes on the farm.


We began picking up some of the bags of corn at our bin site. Weather conditions and local basis appreciation have provided an excellent opportunity to make headway!


Loading a grain cart with corn.


Andrew re-filling the sprayer. We have been applying a “fall burndown” on land that was not worked this fall. The chemical application aims to provide a weed-free, clean start for fields in the Spring of 2017.


Ryan was able to use the new John Deere track tractor for fieldwork in Christian County. Amazing machine!