Spring Update!

Much activity through the spring’s seasonal transition to summer.  We have completed sidedressing corn, and are nearing the completion of post-spraying.  Farm activities are quickly transitioning to summer projects!            

Spring Activities 2015

Spring is here. We have started some limited fieldword – seeding grass waterways, leveling tile lines, applying anhydrous ammonia, and even planted 140 acres of corn before the rain.

2/8/15- Winter Activities

February’s colder weather allowed the ground to freeze, and we began picking up our bags outside Blue Mound.  The operation went very smoothly, and light traffic at the Decatur processors allowed for trucks to make quick turns back to the field.  Current activities include delivering corn and equipment preparation for Spring.

1/3/15: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from our family at Noland Farms!  The holidays allowed for time spent with family and friends, and we’re excited to enter into 2015.  Over the past few weeks, there has been much activity around the farm.  Following harvest, Yoder Farm and Drainage installed tile systems on farms in Macon and Shelby County.  We’re […]

12/15/14: Happy Holidays!

As our focus has now shifted from the harvest of 2014, we have a great opportunity to reflect on the blessings of the previous year.  I wish all safe travels throughout the harvest season!

11/11/12: Harvest Progress

What a harvest season! Since our last update, we have finished with soybeans and are a couple days away from completing corn harvest.  This year has provided great yields, and an opportunity for many “firsts” on our farm.                

10/1/14: Harvest in full swing!

Harvest has been in full swing for the past few weeks.  Yields and weather have been great!                    

Corn Farmers Coalition Promotional Video

Through afifliation with Illinois Corn Growers Association, we were approached by the Corn Farmers Coalition. “The Corn Farmers Coalition is an alliance of family corn farmers from across the United States and represents tens of thousands of dues-paying farmers. The coalition formed in 2008 to educate policy-makers in Washington about how tech-savvy, innovative farmers are […]

7/23/14: Farm Update

With field operations and grain hauling complete, we have shifted our focus to the list of summer projects.  We made two aerial scouting tours over the month of July, and have been very pleased with crop conditions.  The corn crop looks great… stand, evenness and color.  The soybean crop has improved drastically towards the end of the month… color […]

7/5/14: Summer Activities

Pleased to share that the transition to summer is in full swing!  We had a great week of unseasonably cool weather, and two nice rain showers.  Current farm activities include delivering soybeans to the Decatur and meeting with suppliers for 2014 harvest and the 2015 season.