Noland Farms

5/6/13: Spring showers and more…

Weather has continued to prove challenging for spring field operations.  Although we are thrilled to erase the past year’s moisture deficit, the rainfall received over the past month has left soil conditions at the saturation point and hampered the planting progress accross much of the country’s key corn regions.  Tile outlets are discharging water, road ditches […]

4/24/13: From the Archives…

Occasionally, one will find interesting/amusing articles from years past that were filed away… I’ve included a few magazine articles written in the mid-80’s about Dennis and Duane. Dennis Noland Magazine Features Duane Noland & President Reagan  

4/16/13: Dianne Noland featured in H&R article

Dianne Noland (Duane & Dennis’s sister) was recent featured in a Hearld and Review Newspaper article.  She truly has a green thumb and an enthusiam for nature’s rebirth at this time of year! Dianne Noland knows her way around a garden  

4/15/13: Spring Activities

  The snow was shortlived, and warmer temperatures brought spring showers.  Since the beginning of April, we have received roughly 2.5-4.5″ spread geographically over 3 rain events.  Prior to the rainfall, we had the opportunity to begin field operations… currently 25% done spraying preplant and 10% done working ground ahead of corn planting.  We are pleased to have […]

3/26/13 – Spring and snow

    Spring has officially arrived… and a foot of snow followed on its footsteps.  The past weeks have allowed us to make great strides in preparing for spring field operations, but also attend meetings and trade shows in Orlando, Louisville and Washington D.C.  Dennis had the opportunity to attend the National Farm Machinery show […]

2/18/13 – Around the farm…

Mild winter weather has continued to allow for outdoor projects to progress.  Tree removal/trimming and brush clearing operations are still moving forward as we move from farm to farm.  The tree removal process at Warrensburg has also been completed.   This project involved 6 parties contributing to removing overgrown treelines encroching on fields.  Great to have […]

2/1/13 – Noland Family Ag Scholarship

We are excited to share that the Noland Family Agriculture Scholarship application has been posted on Meridian High School’s website, and we would like to encourage all Meridian seniors that meet the criteria to apply!  The application should be submitted to the high school guidance office by the March 1st deadline.  Opportunities in the agricultural industry are tremendous, and we […]

1/31/13 – Newsletter Release

Our most recent newsletter is now available!  The first issue of 2013 can be found on the Newsletters page… we hope you find it informative and interesting!

1.16.13 – Around the farm…

  Since our last update, the cold weather has provided frozen ground and allowed us to resume clearing brush and removing trees.  The corn planter has moved into the shop, and Dennis is installing Precision Planting’s “Air Force” system.  This system monitors and regulates the down pressure in which the seed is placed into the soil.  As soil conditions change throughout the field, this should improve the consistency of depth in […]