3/30/14: Gearing up for Spring!

  Busy past few weeks around the farm!                                                                                    

3/12/14: Fun around the farm…

  Old Man Winter refuses to loosen his grasp, but we continue to edge closer to spring.  We experienced a couple days of 60 degree weather, which was followed by snow!  Our shop remodel is now complete, and the iron rack, shelving and hose reels were put back together over the weekend.  Currently, Dennis is finishing the corn planter… […]

2/23/14: Winter weather around the farm…

Plenty of activity around the farm!  Recent weather has brought plenty of snow and ice.  Unfortunately, many trees and power lines took the brunt of the damage, and cleanup is still on-going.  We’ve began hauling limestone to locations for fall application.  Although well in advance of the spreading, we’re taking a proactive approach to sourcing our product […]

2/1/14: Newsletter Release and Farm Activities

  We are pleased to share that the 1st newsletter of 2014 is now available on the Newsletters page within the site!  Current activities include hauling corn to market and liquid fertilizer into our storage facility.  The weather has been cold,  and the warmth of a semi’s cab never sounded so appealing!  We anticipate delivering our seedbeans […]

1/21/14: Winter Activities

Cold temperatures and snow continue throughout our area.  Over the past few winters, we have been fortunate to avoid single-digit temps and large snow events, but the beginning of 2014 has reminded us of good ‘ol Midwest winter weather.  We have continued to haul corn on contract to the Decatur processors.  Our shop project is moving forward […]

1/6/14: Weather challenges

The weather this winter has already produced more snowfall than the past few years combined.  Although the snow and ice has been challenging, the conditions have produced excellent “quick-ship” opportunities for delivering grain to the processors in Decatur.  On three different occasions, we have scurried to deliver as much as possible over short periods of time.  The weather has disrupted […]

11/18/13: Harvest Complete… shifting gears

We are please to share that the 2013 harvest is now complete!  With the crops out of the field, we have shifted gears to finishing up tillage, applying fall anhydrous, spraying a fall burndown on no-till farms, washing equipment and preparing the 2014 crop plan.  Although the work is not done for the 2013 season, […]

11/5/13- Around the farm…

Our family lost the cornerstone of our farm last week.  Neil Noland, at 85 years young, passed during emergency surgery.  He was not only the founder of our farm, but a man that lived his life with integrity.  He instilled the importance of faith, family and a lifetime of service in the generations that have […]

10/15/13: Soybean Harvest Moves Forward

Although rain is currently falling, the past week provided an excellent opportunity to push forward with harvest progress. Soybean harvest now stands at 50% complete, and yields have been surprising good considering the lack of rainfall through the month of August. All soybeans harvested thus far have been Asgrow seedbeans, which are stored on-farm. Other […]