5.13.10 – Pictures

These are a few pictures taken on 5.5.10.  The corn being sidedressed was planted on 4.12.10, and is currently around 8″ tall.  The anhydrous applicator covers 16 rows at a time, and can be pulled around 6.5 mph.  We removed the dual tires on the tractor to minimize damage to the corn while maneuvering in the […]

5.10.10 – Soybeans and Sidedressing

Over the past two weeks, we have transitioned from planting corn to soybeans and spraying to sidedressing.  The great weather for the duration of corn planting has carried over to soybeans.  All non-gmo soybeans have been planted, and we were rained out tonight before our last 40 acres of seed beans could go into the ground.  As soon as we finished planting corn, we […]

4.23.10 – Shifting Focus

With the corn crop planted, we have shifted our focus to soybeans. This year, we are growing seed beans for Monsanto and non-gmo soybeans through an ADM program. Weather permitting, we anticipate planting beans in 7-10 days and hope to also begin side-dressing corn around then too. Our early planted corn has spiked through the soil […]

4.21.10 – Spraying and Planting

What a difference in weather from last spring!  Due to the rain last year, we finished planting corn a month and a half after we began… 10 days for this year’s corn crop!  Although we have logged long hours recently, we are thrilled at the opportunity to plant corn without weather interruptions.  Soil conditions are […]

4.7.10 – Spring is here!

The past few weeks have been full of activities at Noland Farms.  Last week, the concrete pad was poured for the new bin, and the dirt was backfilled around the site.  With plans to errect the bin in early June, the concrete will have ample time to cure.  We still have some rock to spread, but the concrete […]

3.19.10 – Pouring Concrete

With the great weather we experienced this week, we had the opportunity to begin preparing the site for our grain bin project.

3.14.10 – Spring Projects

As we move another week closer to spring planting, more winter projects are quickly approaching their deadline. Each year we replace many components on our corn planter to reduce the risk of mechanical failures… we hope to have our planter put back together and out of the shop this week.   After this project’s completion, we will […]

3.7.2010 – Delivering Grain to Market

This week's activities at Noland Farms include delivering grain to market and continuing maintenance on equipment for Spring planting, which is rapidly approaching.

Investing in Farmland

Our family is excited to provide cash rent, crop-share and custom leases for our landowners.

Precision Agriculture

This year, we outfitted our John Deere combine with auto-steer guided by global positioning satellites (GPS).