1.3.11- Newsletter Release

The latest issue of our newsletter has been mailed, and we hope you have found it informative and interesting.  A PDF version will be available on the website soon.  Should you have interest in receiving our mailer, please contact us with your address! 

12.20.10 – Happy Holidays

  With the holiday season now upon us, our family would like to wish all a safe and warm Christmas and New Year’s.  Corn is still being hauled to ADM’s processing plant in Decatur, and we anitcipate hauling seed beans from storage to the Monsanto plant in Stonington in the coming weeks.  I have attached a […]

12.10.10 – Grain Hauling

We are currently delivering corn to fill contracts at ADM in Decatur.  Between ADM and Tate and Lyle, nearly 1,000,000 bushels of corn are grinded each day to produce a wide array of products.  The processing facility grinds corn and crushes soybeans delivered by truck and rail.  After these commodities are processed into value-added products, truck […]

11.30.10 – Shifting focus

Since my last update, the weather has produced rain and colder weather.  Fortunately, all primary field activities were completed prior to the rain events.  Although we had hoped to reconstruct another waterway and clear brush from a few property lines, these activities have been suspended until more suitable field conditions arise.  The majority of equipment […]

11.19.10 – Anhydrous Application

Ideal post-harvest weather allowed us to lay the foundation for a few of the 2011 research plots.  With an agronomic and economic focus, we have strived to pinpoint the timing of  fertilizer application for the corn plant.  Through fall versus spring-applied anhydrous ammonia plots, we hope to generate valued data in both corn-following-soybeans and corn-following-corn […]

11.10.10- Spraying

Before the weather turned into a winter wonderland, we applied a “fall burndown” on farms that are in a corn-soybean no-till rotation.  By applying product with our sprayer, we  anticipate a significant reduction in the winter annual plant population.  With the warming of temperatures in the spring season, plant growth with be kick-started into active mode, […]

10.30.10 – Land Improvement Projects

The great weather has allowed for us to continue progress on land improvement projects.  We removed an overgrown treeline, reshaped the grade with a lazer and constructed this berm and block structure.  The water was moving with such force that much of the area around the treeline had been eroded.  By removing the trees and […]

10.19.10 – New Photo Galleries Added!

We have recently added new photo galleries to the website.  Images capturing the recent corn and soybean harvest, land improvement projects and local wildlife are now available on the Photo page of the website.  We hope you enjoy the new additions!

2010 Land Improvement Projects

[nggallery id=15]

10.18.10 – Land Improvement Projects

  The tremendous weather has provided excellent opportunities to complete our land improvement projects.  With the assistance of the landowner, we constructed a farmable waterway to alleviate the drainage issues.  With the completion of work on that farm, we have moved back into Christian county to begin a larger project.  With the use of a transit laser to determine slope, we […]