2/1/13 – Noland Family Ag Scholarship

We are excited to share that the Noland Family Agriculture Scholarship application has been posted on Meridian High School’s website, and we would like to encourage all Meridian seniors that meet the criteria to apply!  The application should be submitted to the high school guidance office by the March 1st deadline.  Opportunities in the agricultural industry are tremendous, and we […]

1/31/13 – Newsletter Release

Our most recent newsletter is now available!  The first issue of 2013 can be found on the Newsletters page… we hope you find it informative and interesting!

1.16.13 – Around the farm…

  Since our last update, the cold weather has provided frozen ground and allowed us to resume clearing brush and removing trees.  The corn planter has moved into the shop, and Dennis is installing Precision Planting’s “Air Force” system.  This system monitors and regulates the down pressure in which the seed is placed into the soil.  As soil conditions change throughout the field, this should improve the consistency of depth in […]

12.27.12 – Recent farm activities…

  Happy Holidays to all!  We hope you have had the opportunity to spend time with family and friends through Christmas.  The holiday season always reminds us of blessings of family… this year we were fortunate to welcomce a new addition to the Noland family for the holiday season.  The past few have weeks have continued […]

12.15.12 – Around the farm…

  The past few weeks have been full of action.  We have washed and put away the majority of the equipment, hauled all our lime and liquid fertilizer…now our focus has shifted to “the odd jobs.”  We have been trimming brush and trees along field edges, a tarp for the dry fertilizer hopper was installed and […]

12.2.12 – Around the farm…


11.4.12 – Field Activities!


10.20.12- Newsletter Release and Farm Update

Our latest newsletter has now been uploaded to the site.  Please find the link within our “Newsletters” page on the site.   Throughout the year, our activities transition with the seasons.  With the crop all harvested, the planning for 2013 is in full swing.  For corn fields that will be planted back to corn in […]

9.25.12 – Harvest Progress

  Since our last update, harvest has moved along at a rapid pace.  We are excited to report that all corn has been harvested, and we are 25% complete with soybeans.  Soybean yields have been better than expected.  During the last week of April, we planted 15% of our soybean crop… stopping due to a rain event.  The remainder of […]

9.1.12 – Updates from around the Farm

Corn harvest is progressing, and we are currently a little over 1/3 complete.  Friday night brought rain from hurricane Issac into our area… roughly 6″!  The rainfall came gradually, without high winds, and the soil received a much-needed drink.  We have continued to haul lime to field sites, and anticipate resuming harvest in the coming week. […]